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Whoa, Baby!

As vehemently as students may deny it, teachers are people too. Like us, their mothers keep hoards of baby pictures, from the embarrassing to the adorable. Though the photos may fade, the memories they captured will not. This is the magic of photography. Whether it reminds us of freezing mittens after sledding on Art Hill or the time Uncle Ned dropped the entire turkey at Thanksgiving, a picture sparks new perspective on a past event.

These photos, worn and loved, are the childhood memories of our beloved Ladue teachers. Each staff picture is paired with it’s flashback.

Dr. Duckham’s baby photo.

Mrs. Grana's baby picture.

Mrs. Grana’s baby picture.

Mrs. Proehl's baby picture.

Mrs. Proehl’s baby picture.

Mr. Hill's baby picture.

Mr. Hill’s baby picture.

Mr. La Barge’s baby picture.LaBarge

(Photos courtesy of Janet Duckham, Elizabeth Grana, Mike Hill, Sweeney La Barge, Jillian Proehl and Prestige Portraits.)


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Whoa, Baby!