The Importance of Spring Break

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To many people, spring break is crucial in surviving second semester. Whether or not it’s spent out of town or at home, the week long break gives everyone some time to relax before the final stretch of the school year.

“Spring break’s important because during this semester, there’s not a lot of holidays or other breaks, and with all the gray weather, we just need a break to refresh so we can finish out second semester strong,” science teacher Molly Mannix says.

Students agree and are very excited to get away from the stress of schoolwork and depressing weather in St. Louis.

“We definitely need that break from school. You can spend time with family and friends, do things you enjoy, and go to fun places,” freshman May Lorenz says.  

A very popular place to go for spring break is anywhere that is slightly warmer than St. Louis. Students and teachers alike can’t wait to trade in the windy and cloudy for the sunny and warm.

“My husband and I are very excited for the break because we’re going to California to see my parent’s new house in Orange County. Teachers love spring break just as much as the kids do,” Mannix says.  

Lorenz is going to Florida, which she says is a very popular place for Ladue families.

“I’m going to Rosemary Beach in Florida. I’ve been going there for five years and a lot of families that live in Ladue also go there so it’s fun to see everyone. I’m always so excited to go because the weather is so nice and warm,” Lorenz says.

However, some people are still braving the cold for a much different experience.

“I’m going to New York for five days. I’m very excited to explore the city and get away from boring Ladue and school,” freshman Will Loynd says.

Everyone has begun to get restless as the days come closer, and spring break cannot come soon enough.

“The students are very ready for spring break. You can tell because they’ve stopped listening, turning in their work, and they get all wild. So yes, we are all in major need for a break,” Mannix says.