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Staff Application Process

There are several ways that you can be a part of Ladue Publications.  You must sign up to take Journalism 1 – Writing, offered first semester, if you’d like to write for either publication, Panorama or Rambler. 

In this class, you will learn about ethics and case law, history of American Journalism, about how to exercise our First Amendment rights successfully, and how to write in several journalistic styles.  

At the end of that semester, you may apply to be on staff as a writer for either the Panorama or the Rambler.  

If you are chosen as a staff writer, you will be assigned to a section, and you must then sign up for a 9th hour independent study with me, move into my Ac Lab for contact time with both me and your editors, and then you may work as a staff writer and receive credit.

  • If you wish to become a Panorama editor, you must also take Journalism 1 – Editing and Desktop Publishing and Design.
  • If you are interested in being on the Rambler editorial staff, this is also the course you need to take.
  • Any exceptions must be made by me only, and you will need to provide evidence of proficiency on the computer programs we use to produce the yearbook.
  • If you wish to be a Rambler editor, you make an application also, and if chosen, you must be able to fit in your schedule White Days 8th hour Yearbook Production class.
  • If you are chosen as an editor for Panorama, you must be able to fit in your schedule Blue Days 4th hour for Newspaper Production class.
If you wish to be a photographer (our photographers are shared between both publications), you will need to make an application, submit some work for our assessment, and if you are chosen, you may also sign up for 9th hour independent study credit, and move into my Ac Lab.

In addition to completing the online applications posted here, you must also submit a portfolio of work, and fill out and sign the LHWHS Publications Commitment Statement and return it to the Publications Office 218.

All applications are due in mid-December and mid-April for assessment, and positions for the second semester will be posted before the last day of finals during first semester and positions for the following year will be posted by mid-May.  Mid-semester staff writer positions are notified before coming back to school for Winter Break.

Signed commitment statements and completed application forms must be turned in with sample work before the editorial staff can begin the selection process for new staff members.

You may return signed commitment statements to the yellow folder hanging on the wall outside the Publications Office in 218 or to the wire stacking bins on the mailboxes outside the Publications Lab in 216.  

Downloadable commitment statements are linked above, and the link to each application is included below as well (online application is on Google Forms – must be signed into school email to access).

Photographer Application (photographers are shared between the two publications)
Panorama Application (for both independent staffers and editorial staff)
Rambler Application (for both staffers and editorial staff)
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Staff Application Process