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Stylin’ and profilin’ cause fashion is my passion. Fashion can be defined as a way to express yourself by piecing together unique looks and creating your own personal style. I do so many things involving fashion because there are no rules and you can be authentically yourself all the time. Fashion continues to evolve and people constantly bring us new trends and old ones in a fresh way. 2019 has finally begun and fashion trends continue to emerge from everywhere.

Let’s jump right in and talk about 2-piece outfits. 2-piece outfits can be a shirt with pants or a skirt and they usually match. I’m obsessed with Pinterest and spend most of my time pinning looks to recreate with my own twist. I constantly see 2-piece outfits. 2-piece outfit works well because they can be elegant, fun, fierce and are perfect for any event.

Up next is Air Force Ones. The shoes are unisex and can be found in various colors. The white Air Force ones or sometimes called G-Fazos are seen worn most often. These shoes cross over all of North America. I’ve seen air forces worn in California, New York, and right here in my hometown of Saint Louis. Air Force Ones work because they’re simple and can be styled in so many different ways.

In a similar fashion, Denim is still in style and will always be. I’m sure every piece of clothing can be found in denim. Jeans are traditionally denim and everyone I know has a pair of jeans. Of course, don’t forget all the cute denim skirts, dresses, and shirts that can be found at your favorite stores. Denim works because it can be paired with all colors.

To add to our collection, color-blocking is one of my favorite trends. Color-blocking is not a new concept, but it has made a major comeback. Color-blocking is pairing different colored pieces together to create one look. Color-blocking is very simple to do because any 2 colors can match with the right accessories. Color-blocking

Last but not least is Vans. I absolutely love Vans because they can be found in so many different colors and their special edition shoes are to die for. Vans have been going strong for 53 years since being released on March 16 in 1966. Basically, all my friends have a pair of Vans, which is so unfair because I still haven’t grabbed myself a pair yet. Vans work because it’s a very versatile shoe that can be worn for a day out with the girls or a hot date night.

All the trends I listed above are ones everyone should try. So which one are you gonna try next?