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Panorama Staff 2019-2020

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Panorama Staff 2019-2020

Panorama Editors In Chief: Jackson Bry and Katie Shaw

Lit Mag Editor In Chief: Bradford Siwak

Web Editor In Chief: Will Minifie

Managing Editor: Sydney Crump

Head Design Editors: Cassandra Beisheim, Anna Liner and Bradford Siwak

Head Copy Editors: Connie Chen and Alexander Fu

Panorama Photo Editor: Sunny Lu

Managing Photo Editor: Nicole Kalishman

Sports Photo Editor: Burke Howe

Social Media Editor: Grace Hensley

Art Editor: Jill Goldwasser

In-Depth Editor: Grace Hu

In-Depth Staff: Sophia Liu

In-Depth Staff: Marissa Mathieson

News Editor: Rhea Patney

News Staff: Rhea Kaw

News Staff: Lucy Lochmoeller

Features Editors: Katie Holland and Erin Turkieltaub

Features Staff: Clayton Coughlin

Features Staff: Jamie Korenblat

Sports Editors: Jacob Korn and Domenic Fenoglio

Sports Staff: Thomas Margulis

Opinions Editor: Ethan Willick

Opinions Staff: Caroline Edgar

Opinions Staff: Tariq Lashley

Arts & Entertainment Editors: Hugh Chan and Caroline Tyrrell

Business Manager: Jake Tackes

*Ninth block writers, artists and photographers will be added at the start of the 2019-2020 school year

*Panorama will be publishing 1-2 literary magazines this year. Panorama staff members can apply to design this magazine in October. We will take poetry, story, art and photography submissions from Ladue students throughout the year. 

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Panorama Staff 2019-2020