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Leading By Example

Josh Horwitz prepares for a free throw shot.

Josh Horwitz prepares for a free throw shot.

Josh Horwitz prepares for a free throw shot.

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As sweat drips down his forehead, Josh Horwitz knocks in a second free-throw to extend Ladue’s lead over Wentzville Holt High School. The buzzer sounds, and Ladue celebrates the 56-44 win.

Horwitz, a senior basketball player and captain at Ladue, has really adopted the leader role this year. He truly has a passion for the game.

“I have a strong passion for my sport because I have been playing it for so many years,” Horwitz said. ”I woke up at 4:45 every single day in the offseason to workout, in order to make myself the best player I can be.”

When it comes to off the court, Horwitz sets a great example for his fellow teammates, by getting excellent grades and by making good decisions.

“Since I’m so crunched for time, basketball actually makes me focus and not waste time,” Horwitz said.

Many of Horwitz’s teammates appreciate his commitment and leadership he shows to the team. Specifically, senior teammate Eric Yang, witnesses his leadership everyday.

“On the court, Josh is always focused. He leads by example, and also with his voice,” Yang said. “He is always the loudest one on defense, yelling out ‘shot’, or ‘ball’, or ‘back’ to guide the defense. He makes sure everyone is doing the right thing, he is also encouraging.”

Yang has known Horwitz since sixth grade, when they were on the B-team together. He admires his grit and effort that he puts towards the sport.

“I think Josh’s work ethic is amazing. He is always going above and beyond, and it spreads to the rest of the team,” Yang said. “It’s a great thing to have someone who works as hard as Josh.”

Yang also has noticed Horwitz’s ability to overcome obstacles on the court. He puts his mind to every challenge that he faces.

“Josh copes with his problems by finding the source and putting in hard work to fix it,” Yang said. “For example, he used to have an absolutely terrible three-point shot. But he knew this, and worked countless hours on his form and rhythm to become a decent shooter this year.”

Horwitz’s leadership isn’t just noticed by the players. He is also been appreciated by the team managers. Sam Korn, a four-year varsity manager, has felt more respect this year.

“The manager’s have become even better treated since he’s been a senior,” Korn said. “I’ve also noticed that everyone does their task in practice, and there’s less fooling around.”

The coaches have also taken note of Horwitz’s behavior. Chad Anderson, the varsity head coach, has also noticed his leadership in three ways.

“First, his hard work and determination that he demonstrates on and off the court. Second, he always makes sure to hold his teammates accountable in practices and in games. Lastly, he makes sure that the team has grit and cohesiveness.” Anderson said.

Horwitz has complete dedication to the team. He hopes his example will cause others to want to follow in his footsteps.  

“Without my hard work and dedication, I would be nowhere,” Horwitz said. “I’m not very gifted talent wise, but since I dedicated myself to the weight room and made 200 shots a day five times a week, I’m able to have success.”

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