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Restaurant of the Rising Sun

Restaurant of the Rising Sun

Andrew Tsiaklides, A&E Writer

September 16, 2013

The mere thought of all that delicious sushi cooking in traditional Japanese kitchens is mouthwatering. However, luckily enough for those of us who’d rather not travel halfway around the world to Japan, Nobu's Japanese Restaurant off Olive and 170 provides an ideal solution for all those wanting to e...

IPhone 5S Preview

Jacob Jacob, News Writer

September 9, 2013

With Apple’s iPhone 5S and iOS 7 rumored to be released this fall, consumers can look with optimism for the new features the company will offer. The new iPhone, which is rumored to be introduced Sept. 10th at Apple’s iPhone event, will include a new silver ring fingerprint sensor that will only un...

Leap Motion: A Real Leap Forward

Leap Motion: A Real Leap Forward

Yoav Kadan, Web Editor

August 24, 2013

Most devices we currently know operate on a yearly cycle. Apple releases a new iPad every year or so, Galaxy a new smartphone, and so on and so forth. Although every year most tech companies claim to introduce some “never-before-seen feature,” most of this “ground-breaking technology” is just...

Elysium – Close to Perfection

Elysium – Close to Perfection

Justin Cole, Web Editor

August 11, 2013

The year is 2154.  Earth is a poor, polluted, and diseased planet where the masses struggle to survive every day. Elysium is a beautiful, manmade structure in space where the richest of the rich reside in giant mansions free from any illness or injury. Instantly, a viewer watching Elysium knows that t...

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