A Fresh Take: Black Panther adds to Marvel’s recent success

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Black Panther is a new movie that showcases the character of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), the new king of the nation of Wakanda, and his treacherous journey of trying to ensure the safety of the kingdom. In order to maintain the security of Wakanda’s Vibranium reserves, T’Challa must defeat Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), the victim of the former Wakandan atrocities.


Though some of the new characters seem irrelevant in nature, the movie’s plot offers a fresh and invigorating perspective, which certainly lives up to the continued hype surrounding the movie. One must note that the addition of a more diversified cast does well for Marvel, as the the superhero cinematic universe only boasted two to three other non-white characters. By touching on topics such as race relations, the growing disparity between the wealthy and poor as well as the nature of justice, Black Panther offers up its youthful audience something to which most can relate. This undoubtedly adds to the renegade feel of the movie, when put side by side against the traditional Marvel movie.  


Where Marvel fails in its endeavor to create a movie that offers viewers a newfangled experience is the over complex nature of Wakanda and its characters. While watching the movie, laymen viewers might feel rather dizzied by the confusing plotline and introduction. Had Marvel introduced Black Panther as well as the nature of the nation of Wakanda better, average viewers might feel more attached to this new installment in the Marvel cinematic universe. 


Overall, Black Panther provides a rather thrilling plot with a fresh cast to create a delightful movie experience